"We exist to connect people to Jesus and each other." Pastor Mark

Slide OUR STORY HOW IT BEGAN The Story of how Renewal Chapels came together isn’t about our story but his story through us. We have people ask us why did plant another church in Huntington? This town is filled with churches. We didn’t know why were planting a church, we just knew God was calling us to do it. Several families came together on a July day to meet with Pastor Mark to discuss what God was showing him and to discuss should we even pursue this. One thing was concluded after that meeting that we were all on board and now saw the vision God was revealing through our Shepherd.

Our focus was to reach those people far from Christ. So many people in this community have been hurt by others, ashamed of their past, broken, addicted, and most have no hope. Our mission revealed was simple. Make Disciples. Place ourselves in the community and share the good news of Jesus Christ.

As many of you know Huntington has the highest overdose rate of any city in the US. It is also a city that to outside public, says is depressing and one of the worst city in America to live. See we don’t think so and neither does our father God (Abba).

Is beginning the church several years ago God has opened the doors to serving those in need, working with recovery programs, meeting the needs of those in our church (or family as we call it), and meeting the needs of the community around us.
All are invited to be a part of His family, so come join us and see what God is doing in this community through his church.

Slide MARK BOOTH Lead & Teaching Pastor Our Founder and lead Pastor leads us in worship each week. TOM SMITH Associate Pastor Our Associate Pastor and leads our outreach missions and our R Groups. CHRIS REYNOLDS Executive Pastor Our executive Pastor handles all the finances of the church. Pastors LEADERSHIP Take a moment to get to know your Pastors at Renewal Chapels.

and prepares an atmosphere to worship
each week.
Aaron creates all the media and leads the A/V Team on Sunday Morning.