“I’m Pastor Mark Booth and I began this ministry for people like you just a few years ago.”

I realize that the circumstances that led you to this website today are very unique; as unique as are you.  Each of of us are facing unique challenges in our lives that can stretch us to the very end of our unique abilities to succeed in the midst of those stresses.  You may believe that you are there right now.

I’ve been there and am still there.  I have been for nearly fifteen years now.  You need to stay there too.  Want to know why?

Because at the end of ourselves is where we figure out we need something more. You see, it’s when we get to the end of our own abilities, our own answers, and our own solutions to “fixing” our problems that we find out we need more than we have within ourselves.  We figure out that we’re not enough on our own.

Most of us run from being at the end of ourselves.  It’s comfortable in that place where we are able to manage everything from our own powers.  It’s feels safe to remain where life is easier.

Yet there is a mysterious and scary emancipation when you live at the end of yourself.  The Bible says, “It was for freedom that Christ set you free,” and there’s a freedom that few experience by living at the end of themselves where God steps in and we begin to live through the power of God working in us.

Allowing our Creator to step into our lives changes us forever.  That’s probably the most scary part of living at the end of ourselves.  But it’s not so scary when we come to realize we can’t make it work any more.  We’re more willing to accept this transformation from Him at that point.

I hope that as you apply the core values that I bring to light throughout this website, you will accept living at the powerless end of yourself so that God can empower you to move farther than you every imagined.

That’s what God has for you in Christ – far more than you ever imagined or can conceive.  Relax in Him and watch Him renew your life!

Renewed By His Grace,

— Pastor Mark Booth