An Important Article I’ve Read This Week…

June 21, 2018
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June 21, 2018 Pastor Mark

An Important Article I’ve Read This Week…

Choose Growth Over Comfort — Your Success Depends on It

On, June 1, 2018, by Margie Warrell.

More often than not, I find the practical relates directly to the spiritual.  God surprised me by showing up in the weirdest places!

In her article, you’ll find this quote…

“Ginny Rometty, CEO of IBM, said something similar while reflecting on her own career: “Growth and comfort do not coexist.” Whether you’re stepping into a bigger role at work, learning a new skill, pursuing a goal or making a change, you can’t grow into the person you want to be unless you’re first willing to get uncomfortable.”

Ms. Warrell’s quote of Rometty is not only “spot on” for your work-life, but for your home-life, parenting-life, married-life, and certainly spiritual-life as well.  Why?  Because the attitude with which I perform my job can be just as much an act of worship to God, as singing Amazing Grace in church!

Worship and work go together as much as do worship and prayer!  Apart from faithfulness in each area of my life, my worship of God on Sunday morning might even become hypocritical. 

Spiritual growth and ease, rest, or comfort rarely, if ever, exist together.  It takes discipline to move forward, trusting God in the midst of the discomfort He’s allowed in our lives, for us to become fully faithful followers of Jesus as Lord.  And success in our walk with God is best defined by faithfulness!

Check out the article.  It’s a longer read, but well worth your time.  And consider the spiritual ramifications as you read.

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