People Through Whom God Has Recently Revealed His Presence

In the past two weeks, I’ve seen God’s presence unfurl in lovely form in Amber.  Especially last Sunday morning.  After a week like she experienced with the loss of Hank, there was Amber, up there with the rest of the praise team, singing and leading us in worship.  God’s presence was vivid for me in the hope that she revealed!

He was only clean shaven for a few months when I first met him in August of 1985 at Grace Theological Seminary. Lowell Hudson and I were starting our first year of graduate school, working toward our Master of Divinity degree.  He, his wife Bev, and I met on the parking lot behind McClain Hall during a break on Student Orientation Day.  We’ve remained close friends from that day till this.  Over the past 33 years every time I speak with Lowell on the phone I experience the presence of God in patience and understanding.  Lowell’s steadfast friendship and loyal perseverance is how he best brings God’s presence into friendship.  Thanks, Lowell!