Quote I’m Considering This Week…

June 7, 2018
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June 7, 2018 Pastor Mark

Quote I’m Considering This Week…

“There’s nothing more liberating to the heart and mind of a man than knowing he is enough as evidence of what he alone has created.”

Ryan Michler,
from Sovereignty: The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Men,
Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, Copyright 2018, Ryan Michler.
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Creation is God’s work.  Yet He has allowed us all to participate in His creative work ongoing in our world today — both men and women.

So the question is this – What are you co-creating with God? 

In this world, we are valued by what we produce.  What are you producing, providing, creating that others deem valuable? 

We live in a grace-based economy with God.  He loves us even when we’re not producing.  Our culture, however, is a merit-based economy. In it you are valuable only if you create, innovate, cultivate, provide, or produce.

I’ve dealt with men struggling to overcome depression to varying degrees for decades now.  Most all of those men were out of work due to downsizing, illness, injury, or their own poor choices that got them terminated.

In nearly every man with whom I’ve met in this predicament, they felt as though they simply were not enough.  And Michler is right.  It’s not just a mind thing.  It’s a full-blown heart-thing too!

Nothing is more debilitating to a man than simply not being enough.  Not only does sexual impotence follow, but a spiritual impotence that is much more pernicious can begin to take root.  If that spiritual impotence grows to any degree at all, a man’s walk with God is hindered.

And in nearly every case, it’s not about money or power. It’s about the evidence they are producing something for others that matters.  Whether it’s a paycheck for the family so they can pay the bills, or if it’s a product or service people need, men need to have evidence that they have what it takes to provide.

No doubt either!  We were created to “go forth and multiply,” “subdue” the earth, and “rule over it,” God said to Adam and Eve. 

If we’re not going, multiplying, subduing, and ruling, we simply don’t have the evidence necessary to know we are enough.  Depression and spiritual impotence can quickly take over our lives.

The solution is dealt with prior to this by Michler.  His solution is spirituality – “learning to tap into this higher power.”  If we don’t do this, Michler says, “we severely limit ourselves on the inputs available to live life as a sovereign man.”

We as Jesus’ disciples know that a personal and intimate relationship with God through Christ is the only “higher power” that truly exists.  So it all begins with belief since the Bible says that to begin that relationship we only have to confess Jesus as our Lord and believe that God raised Him from the dead (Romans 10:9-10)!

But that’s just the beginning.  There’s so much more!

If you’re struggling with spiritual impotence, it’s a tell-tale sign that you’re moving away from God.  But there are steps you can take to turn back to an even greater intimacy with Him and make an even greater impact upon your world than you have in the past.

I’d recommend you check out a blog article I wrote a while back.  It’s entitled, Get Arrested.  Read that and begin practicing the process of building intimacy or rebuilding it with God.

And, if you want more information and direction, drop me an email at amen@renewalchapels.com.

Pastor Mark